Select your favorite java chat room.....
It's EgyOne 2014, you cannot go wrong. :)
  • Product 1

    Egyone 2019 Server Installation.

    • ) -Coded in Java but soon it will be in HTML5 with Node.JS
    • - We will install EgYOne 2019 on your server and give you admin access + the files to host your own chat rooms and other people.
      - Encrypted fully secure.
      -Latest features before EgyOne went down.
      -DigiChat Server Fully working and tested.
    One Time
    $1000.00 USD
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  • Product 2

    Egyone 2014 Reseller

    • - Get your own EgyOne with admin access to host other people.
      - You do not get the files. But access to admin and all features to host your own clients.
      - We will install a code signing certificate for you onto the server which is reflected in the cost of the price.
      -Built in FTP
      -Encrypted Egyone chat.
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